リサーチ・コンプレックス NTT R&D @ICC


「オープン・スペース 2021 ニュー・フラットランド」展示風景(参考図版)

「リサーチ・コンプレックス NTT R&D @ICC」は,2017年度の「オープン・スペース 2017 未来の再創造」展から開始された,NTTの研究所の先端的な取り組みをICCの展示活動の中で紹介し,未来の人間および社会に関するコンセプトを提案する場です.今年度の展示では,近年注目されている「ウェルビーイング」(その人としていきいきと生きること)の中でも,他の人とのつながりの中で生じる,「わたしたちのウェルビーイング」をいかに作り出すことができるのか,その試みを紹介します.

展示構成協力:吉田知史(of Sheep, inc.)

「わたしたちのウェルビーイングカード」ICCキッズ・プログラム 2021版
渡邊淳司 プロフィール 駒﨑掲 プロフィール

Research Complex NTT R&D @ICC

Social Wellbeing with Haptics

Installation view of “Open Space 2021: New Flatland” (reference)

The “Research Complex NTT R&D @ ICC” was launched at the exhibition ”Open Space 2017: Re-Envisioning the Future,” as a platform for showcasing the advanced endeavors of the NTT laboratories within ICC’s exhibition activities, and proposing future concepts related to mankind and human society. Introduced at this year’s exhibition, were projects related to “wellbeing” as a topic that has gathered attention in recent years, with a focus on the question how we can create “our own wellbeing” within our relationships with other people.
In concrete terms, as “tools for thinking,” the exhibitors introduced a selection of previous writings related to wellbeing and haptics. As “tools for connecting,” they installed the hands-on “Vibro-scape,” a landscape that haptically communicates vibrations at remote places, and the “Public Booth for Vibrotactile Communication” that connects human individuals by way of tactile transmission. Finally, as “tools for measuring,” they provided “Cards for Collective Wellbeing” for visitors to pick up and be reminded of the factors that contribute to each person’s own individual feeling of wellbeing. The idea was to inspire visitors to imagine the process by which our individual wellbeing is achieved through touch-based connections with others.

Production: NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Planning: WATANABE Junji (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
Experience Design: KOMAZAKI Kakagu (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
Production Support: YOSHIDA Tomofumi (of Sheep, inc.)

Cards for Collective Wellbeing
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